New Unreleased Music - Version #1 Lyric Video - "Spread Love" By: Sandra Small featuring Squidley Cole 

Peace and Love fam,

How are you?

I pray that you are well during these time of transformation.  Keeping balanced and reaching within for answers.  Getting your rest, anxious for nothing and standing in the high vibratory resonance of love. We can't lose our love for humanity, unity and each other. As society gets torn in this modern era of Covid-19, we must still respect each others difference in opinions and live together in a non-judgemental way.  Build a new land and a new way from the totalitarian state that is being created right before our eyes.     

In this new world that the global structure is putting into place it feels as if there is no rest, no meditation, no reflection, no conversation - The senses are continually overloaded with stimuli.  Man doesn't learn to question his world anymore.  The screen offers him answers already made.  If we are not careful, we will give all of our power away and will be mind controlled by AI.  It's so very unnatural what is happening to man and it won't surprise me if we have an influx of mental health issues in the near future based on all the crazy that's going on.  

That is why I am so happy to release my newest recording entitled, "Spread Love".  This is an Anthem urging America and the citizens to wake up and find our way back to our highest selves.  We do that by Spreading Love with (passion, compassion, respect, appreciation, devotion...) for each other and lifting each other up.  Supporting one another.  We need each other now more than ever. Here is is Version #1 of the new soon to be released version of "Spread Love".  I am creating version #2 right now, new arrangement and mix and the official should be very soon. 


Please share the video with your friends, family and social media websites. Please comment and help contribute your ideas to the Spread Love Challenge which is a call to action for the public to display acts of kindness and compassion.

Thank you so much for all of your love and support. I appreciate your presence and community building.

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Unreleased Song Leaked - Version #1 of Spread Love by SS featuring Squidly Cole




Sandra Small


Don't Worry Girl - New Song and E- Book on self awareness, self worth and self nurtuting  

How are you? Spring is in that air and I bet that you are happy for some positive changes.  The warm weather always brings so much happiness and joy.  There's just something about the warm sun beating down, warming everything up, heart, body and soul. 

Newness is in the air and it's a time for Spring cleaning, letting out the old and bringing in the new.  The Spring Equinox arrived March 20th and it's known to bring in new light, life, new beginnings, seeds, and path.  What are you calling in and bringing into your life.  There is so much power in asking the universe for what you want :) - All we need is the clarity to bring it into manifestation. 

I'm so happy to announce that I have completed working on the next song that I wrote and produced entitled, "Don't Worry Girl".  This song is for all to enjoy men and women alike but speaks primarily to any woman or girl  who needs a boost of encouragement and upliftment.  Life can be challenging especially now with the world being topsy turvy, unemployment at a high rate, many business's have closed and a pandemic at hand.  Women in general can be hard on themselves and forget their value and worth in times of hardships and struggle.  The truth of the matter is no one should struggle in life but it happens in the Ebb and Flow of life.  It is how we handle those hard times that can make or break us. 

This song urges women to, "count all your blessings, bag up all your stressing. You don't have to worry it's going to be alright".  You want to know why!?!?  Because this song will come with an audio and ebook (34 pages) all about self awareness, self worth, self empowerment, self nurturing and more.  I have put together this information with the intent to revitalize and reinvigorate the self image of any women who feels unworthy or lost on her path.  I have been that girl and that women who needed to be reminded at times in my life that I am enough and no one can define me but myself. Life has it's up and downs as we all know.  The book touches on self awareness and self worth, why women need to grow self worth, what is self worth and how to recognize yours. Tips to finding self worth, self empowerment and lastly steps to nurturing your inner self.  It all starts with oneself and if one can't find the time to give self the love you may need, it's hard to truly love another .  Everything starts with the self.  If you or anyone you know may be in need of this information guess what.... 

 For only $4.99 you can purchase the song and ebook, just click here:

~ Don't Worry Girl High Quality Mp3 Download and Ebook ~

~ Don't Worry Girl High Quality Mp3 Download ~

The Audio book is coming soon.

I will include and send the audio book once it's released. Thank you always for your support and following my journey and music.  I am continually focused on themes that will uplift, awaken and inspire because that is my mission through music. 

Sending you lots of peace and much love. 


Hold On To Your Heart (Lyrics) 

The world keeps on spinning and I keep on dreaming 

The deeper we go down this rabbit hole   

It’s blinding, revealing, sometimes deceiving 

I hold on to my heart where ever I go 


 21 Century haze 

The earth is ablaze 

Can’t you feel the excitement 


People walking sideways 

Planets shifting their phase 

We're entering a new age 

Courageously turning the page 


The world keeps on spinning and I keep on dreaming  

The deeper we go down this rabbit hole    

It’s blinding, revealing, sometimes deceiving  

I hold on to my heart where ever I go 


Creations evolving 

We’re all problem solving 

Morphing, twisting 

Breaking free resisting   

Man trapped in machines 

Realities not what it seems 

Be careful what you wishing for    


The world keeps on spinning and I keep on dreaming   

The deeper we go down this rabbit hole     

It’s blinding, revealing, sometimes deceiving   

I hold on to my heart where ever I go 

Hold On



Pre-Save Hold On To Your Heart 

Peace, Love and Light!

How are your days going? Are you remaining in control of your thoughts and your day to day activities? These days can have us chasing our tails and losing focus in life if we don't pay attention.  We are in control of our destiny.  No one can dictate our truth.  We must live out these days with courage and hold on to our inner GPS. Build community and join forces to help each other grow, support and manifest into our greater higher nature selves so we can reshape this world for the people young and old.  We the people will not let this world steal our hearts and joy for it's own pleasures. Life is precious and whatever you do, please hold on! It may get bumpy in the days, weeks and months ahead.  Just hold on to your truth and we will make it through.

"Hold On To Your Heart" is a rockin' psychedelic anthem describing a changing world in the new Machine Age  which can have some people dazed and confused.  In reality, it's time for the spirit and self to rise up. This song pleads I hold on to my heart which is a metaphor for your spirit and soul.  Breathe deeply, meditate, write, journal and do what you must to find the peace you need to stay grounded and connected to your true nature and heart and all that extends out from there. 


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Thank you in advance for your love and support and for taking the time to pre-save.

Look out for Video Clips of the new video coming soon......

Please share any stories with the community on how you are overcoming challenges and rising up through these challenging days we are facing.  What are you doing for your spirit nature.


Thank you for reading and sharing.


Creativity, SS



"Hold On To Your Heart <3 : New Music This Month 11.27.20 

Peace, Love and Light, 

I pray you are well and tapping into the inner GPS.  Getting in that quiet time to process everything around us that is happening in light speed time.  The 21st Century is something quite amazing with many changes and lots of revelation. The sky is the starting point... Lets' goooo!!!! 

Here is a little preview of a new song that will be released 11.27.20 Entitled, “ Hold on to your Heart”. This is a sketch of the cover artwork that is still in progress of completion.  This song was composed in December 2019. The lyric poured out of me and was inspired by the rapper Juice Wrld and his melodic song “Lucid Dreams” shortly after his death. 

Who would have known, shortly thereafter the world was going to experience a pandemic like we’ve never seen and the state of the world would be in complete chaos. "Hold On To My heart" is a song that speaks of many changes that are happening and through it we must not let it get the best of us. We will prevail. This whole shift has taught us all so much and has made many people see things more clearly or not. For me, I reach within the internal compass which is the heart. Besides pumping blood through the body , the heart holds power most of us don’t know we have. In some cultures, the heart is regarded as the doorway to our essential and ultimate nature, the Supreme Consciousness. The heart connects us to everyone and everything. As our hearts become clear of negativity, it can be filled with love and gratitude for every moment and amazing things happen. When you are stressed and confused because you can’t figure out what’s right for you, you may feel lost. It’s possible to be out of touch with the center of your being which understands what’s right for you. Maybe you’ve felt this way, as most of us have . Where there is love there is life. Love is connectedness. Learning to live from the love we hold in our hearts is a developmental process. Most people look outside themselves for truth and direction in their lives. As we move forward in the process of connecting with the truth of who we are and why we are here the love in our hearts will continue to grow and become infectious to everyone we cross in this lifetime. Hold on 2 your heart! Stay Vibrant and see you soon. Much Love. 

Creativity 💗💗💗💗 ~SS

Click Image below to hear a snip before it's released to the world!!

Spirit Rising  

Incarnate lights of the Sun 

Cosmos, Star dust 

Trust I must 

The force the energy that vibrates high 

Embracing Love and Glory 

Hate crucifies 

We’re growing we’re learning 

Bringing forth the passion yearning 

We are here, now’s the time 

We’re flying on high! 

Letting go, with the flow 

Some things we just can’t control 

But we feel and we seek in our heart what is real 

Keep on plowing, keep on sowing 

One fine day be overflowing 

Keep on smiling, find the joy 

In this life, it’s everywhere 

Transmuting nightmares into dreams 

Sorrow pain gets washed away 

Prayers of thanks, tears of joy 

Give no power to those that destroy 

Keep the patience, hold your faith 

There’s a war in this place 

For the souls of the light 

Ain’t going out without a fight 

Force so real you can’t deny 

The gates are open, now overflowing 

With Revelation we’re awakened 

Never shaken, trails I’m blazing! 

For the children of tomorrow 


Look within, find your spark 

When you find it never doubt 

The power within, blessings of life 

Brings us closer to inner sight 

All the Illusion, veils of life 

Will not prevail it’s much to frail


#shineon #keepon #yourtruth #unique #individual #purpose 

#destiny #process #gratitude #blessed #nodoubt #unite #awake 

#nofear #takeyourtime #breathe

Review from Soul Tracks! First Listen: Sandra Small takes us through the Ebb and Flow 

Peace, love and light!!


How are you? What's new in your world?  Any recent new happenings? 

I'm hanging in as I navigate the new world and really focus on making great music, content, services and products that will inspire, uplift and bring some form of power to my fellow brothers and sisters of the world.

Most recently I have released a new song entitled, "Ebb and Flow" that has been getting great reviews.  Big thanks to Soul Tracks for acknowledging the single and giving it a write up on their first listen section on their blog.

Click here to read latest review on the new single, "Ebb and Flow".


Also, I have just finished rapping up (4) new songs that I collaborated with    Wavemagnetik.  It will be a part of the Virtual Vibes II package that we will be offering in the coming weeks and I hope that you will consider supporting this event.  Details coming soon.


Praying that you are well and taking this time to love yourself and do your best through this transition in the world.  Your spirit, soul, self and character is defined by what you do with what you know about reality and self/consciousness, your behavior reflecting who you are.  Character, behavior, actions, deeds, determines our quality of life.  Keep reaching for the stars and continue to help assist our family, friends and community.  We need each other.  Thank you for your love and support.





Ebb and Flow is What We Need To Grow 

Life can take so much effort and struggle to achieve the goals and visions we want to manifest. When you think you are almost where you want to be, another hurdle and challenge presents itself and you have to work around it. Only by going through the challenge will strength, growth and wisdom come. When we try to hide or run from an unwanted situation, eventually, it will come back around again until it's confronted.

"Ebb and Flow" is my newest single about facing adversity knowing the experience is there to bring wisdom and understanding to the journey. When the ebb is low and we experience a hardship or low point in the cycle of life; we generally are depleted of life force, energy, inspiration, encouragement, faith, hope and the list can go on. The Flow will come back around to fully immerse us in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity, and the journey will continue.

Here in 2020 we are facing the ebb of life. The ebbs are a bit of a wake-up call that something may need to change in life in order for it to properly flow again in the way that is in our best interests and in ways you may never have imagined for yourself. The ebb is trying to draw attention to something that needs to be examined more deeply. The best part about the ebb is that it is a period of transition between what was and what is to come. You get to decide what feels right and good to you and you have a choice in how you move forward with your life as a result. That is not to say that the decisions will always be easy. Some might be; but others may be difficult, but necessary.

Please share any stores of adversity that you overcame from the Ebb to the Flow of Life. And please be sure to CLICK HERE TO SMASH the reminder button so that we can watch the video together on August 11, 2020 @ 11am on YouTube and dialog afterwards. Thank you for supporting this platform.

"The Ebb and The Flow is What We Need To Grow" ~SS

New Music In The Works