SAndra Small

Live performance

Sandra will perform (2) songs that resonate with the theme of the rally. "The Art of Freedom".  It's an honor to be in the midst of outspoken freedom fighters who are not afraid to speak about the times in which we live in.  Who are not afraid to share their true life stories so we the people can learn the truth about the question we have been asking for so long, "What's going on"?


Hope to see you there!



I Need Ya Freedom Rally 2.0

The Art of Freedom

Freedom Fighters Unite!

We did it! $7, 376.11 (7)

Headed to Boston December 7!!!

On August 22, 2022, I launched a fundraising campaign to help raise money for my new project.  Presently entitled, "Transitions".  As an indie artist I appreciate the love and support that I get from all of you who check in, read and support me on this journey.  It's a journey reflective of each others light and I give thanks .  For the feeling and expression that is life!


As we all transition into a Brave New World, it's important to envision the world we wish to leave for the next generations to come.  Continuing to build and grow our communities by creating unique pathways to discover & develop our natural God-given talents from children-adults.

Continuing to work together as we build, grow and envision this New World

Courage, Joy, Love,  Power, Strength!


To God Be All The Glory



Hold On To Your Heart (Lyrics)

The world keeps on spinning and I keep on dreaming 

The deeper we go down this rabbit hole   

It’s blinding, revealing, sometimes deceiving 

I hold on to my heart where ever I go 


 21 Century haze 

The earth is ablaze 

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Pre-Save Hold On To Your Heart

Peace, Love and Light!

How are your days going? Are you remaining in control of your thoughts and your day to day activities? These days can have us chasing our tails and losing focus in life if we don't pay…

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Spirit Rising

Incarnate lights of the Sun 

Cosmos, Star dust 

Trust I must 

The force the energy that vibrates high 

Embracing Love and Glory 

Hate crucifies 

We’re growing we’re learning 

Bringing forth the passion yearning 

We are here, now’s the time 


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Ebb and Flow is What We Need To Grow

Life can take so much effort and struggle to achieve the goals and visions we want to manifest. When you think you are almost where you want to be, another hurdle and challenge presents itself and you have to work…

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Sandra Small is a singer-songwriter, NYC native and diamond in the rough!

Ever since her debut EP release “World Gone Crazy”, in 2006 & her 1st full album release in 2009 “Illusions”, Sandra Small has been writing about the troubles of the world and how to push through to realize ones dreams. In 2013 Sandra recorded her last record with The Smallworld Band. Shortly after that, the lead guitarist in her band passed away, along with 3 other people close to her. It was hard to finish anything at that time. 

Moving forward, It seems that now Sandra has lots to share from that time period. Sandra’s music continues to keeps her on the path of discovery. With each new cycle of life, Sandra opens new doors, discovering the new territories that lie in the depths of her own mind and creativity. Evolving from the Smallworld Band, she hopes to return to the roots of comradery with her musical peers one day. However, At this moment, Sandra will embark on a completely solo mission where she will produce her own recordings and create live shows with rhythms, and a blanket of sound enhanced with rhythmic melodies, lines, riffs with her loop pedal and heartfelt vocals. 

Come experience the world within, the Smallworld that is Sandra Small.