New Unreleased Music - Version #1 Lyric Video - "Spread Love" By: Sandra Small featuring Squidley Cole

Peace and Love fam,

How are you?

I pray that you are well during these time of transformation.  Keeping balanced and reaching within for answers.  Getting your rest, anxious for nothing and standing in the high vibratory resonance of love. We can't lose our love for humanity, unity and each other. As society gets torn in this modern era of Covid-19, we must still respect each others difference in opinions and live together in a non-judgemental way.  Build a new land and a new way from the totalitarian state that is being created right before our eyes.     

In this new world that the global structure is putting into place it feels as if there is no rest, no meditation, no reflection, no conversation - The senses are continually overloaded with stimuli.  Man doesn't learn to question his world anymore.  The screen offers him answers already made.  If we are not careful, we will give all of our power away and will be mind controlled by AI.  It's so very unnatural what is happening to man and it won't surprise me if we have an influx of mental health issues in the near future based on all the crazy that's going on.  

That is why I am so happy to release my newest recording entitled, "Spread Love".  This is an Anthem urging America and the citizens to wake up and find our way back to our highest selves.  We do that by Spreading Love with (passion, compassion, respect, appreciation, devotion...) for each other and lifting each other up.  Supporting one another.  We need each other now more than ever. Here is is Version #1 of the new soon to be released version of "Spread Love".  I am creating version #2 right now, new arrangement and mix and the official should be very soon. 


Please share the video with your friends, family and social media websites. Please comment and help contribute your ideas to the Spread Love Challenge which is a call to action for the public to display acts of kindness and compassion.

Thank you so much for all of your love and support. I appreciate your presence and community building.

Click Link below to listen and watch

Unreleased Song Leaked - Version #1 of Spread Love by SS featuring Squidly Cole




Sandra Small