Spirit Rising

Incarnate lights of the Sun 

Cosmos, Star dust 

Trust I must 

The force the energy that vibrates high 

Embracing Love and Glory 

Hate crucifies 

We’re growing we’re learning 

Bringing forth the passion yearning 

We are here, now’s the time 

We’re flying on high! 

Letting go, with the flow 

Some things we just can’t control 

But we feel and we seek in our heart what is real 

Keep on plowing, keep on sowing 

One fine day be overflowing 

Keep on smiling, find the joy 

In this life, it’s everywhere 

Transmuting nightmares into dreams 

Sorrow pain gets washed away 

Prayers of thanks, tears of joy 

Give no power to those that destroy 

Keep the patience, hold your faith 

There’s a war in this place 

For the souls of the light 

Ain’t going out without a fight 

Force so real you can’t deny 

The gates are open, now overflowing 

With Revelation we’re awakened 

Never shaken, trails I’m blazing! 

For the children of tomorrow 


Look within, find your spark 

When you find it never doubt 

The power within, blessings of life 

Brings us closer to inner sight 

All the Illusion, veils of life 

Will not prevail it’s much to frail


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#destiny #process #gratitude #blessed #nodoubt #unite #awake 

#nofear #takeyourtime #breathe

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