What has Sandra Small been up to? 

Dearest Friends,

     Peace & Love! How art thou? I'm wishing you are well and fulfilling dreams, cherishing moments, learning and growing, sharing your gifts, radiating your love <3  I am and I am feeling great as can be!  Great as can be in this gloomy pastel world that only we can change with love, passion, fortitude, determination & drive.  Are you feeling the energy of our ancestors as they propel and protect us through the legacy of truth they stood by? In these revolutionary times, the world is changing right before our very eyes.  So fast that it's hard to grasp!  So I let go and flow with the intuitive waves of cosmic energy that magnetize the inner drive. Making sure to stay connected to the unraveling of the web that has been created throughout the centuries.

     What a time to be an artist?  There are so many amazing forces out here.  Some of my new favorite female artists are Eryn Allen Cane, Jorja Smith, Tash Sultana, Jackie Venson, Liz Copper & The Stampedes to name a few.  You should check them out!!  All so different but full of wonderful expression!  What a time to be alive and a participant of the ever changing world! 

     Id like to vent a lil' here if you care to hear?!  As an independent artist, I have a crap load of responsibility.  I know, you do too!!! We all got a crap load of responsibility, if you care that is!   And as we all should hopefully know by now, nothing is easy and there is no free lunch out here in this world.  People want something for something!  It's rare and few, far in between that you meet a genuine soul who is so selfless.  Who isn't out to gain anything but to be a part of the solution to a goal, problem, project, etc.

      In order to create music, record music, release music, promote music, market music, book shows, produce the show and everything else in between normally takes a crew of people.  These days, independent artist are wearing all of these hats.  I am doing my best to learn how to manage with all of these responsibilities.  As an artist, I prefer to be in the creative/recording stage and then the performance stage.  The marketing and promoting gets challenging because I start to feel a little like a nut!  I start multi-tasking to the point I literally feel so fragmented and dysfunctional that I decide to take a chill and relax.  Health is wealth so I won't kill myself just to make music.  That is counter-productive; wouldn't you say?!?!

     Working through it all, I am perfecting my skills so that I may elevate my status quo (financially)!  Life is a steady flow of evolution. Live and Learn.  Growing into me, outgrowing me, rebooting, upgrading, re-learning and all of these things.  They are a real part of the process.  Not to mention ya'll! I'm one of those people, one of those people that feel a sense of duty to my fellow brothers and sisters.  I stand in solidarity with people and want to see us all happy, healthy and wealthy in spirit.  There are so many things that can distract us from the time we need to listen to our needs.  I believe it all starts with me, myself and I.  I can't influence, inspire, or be a decent person if I can't first love and respect myself.  Therefore ya'll, I consciously striving for greatness.  To be the greatest me that I can possibly be.  I already know the power in that!  People can feel it and it transfers over to another, and another and so forth and so on.  Our love, fear, hate, it'a all contagious.  Let us be mindful of the moods we are in and the head space we entertain! Love is the Power!

     Enough about me though..... What have YOU been up to?  Share with the community and lets get inspired, learn, grow and commune!


Sandra Small 


New Music video in the works for my new single, "Calling For You"!

Check it out here: Calling For You on Spotify - Click Here



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