New Video: "Calling For You" Soon to be released

Hello friends,


How are you?  Ready for the Summertime?  Lord knows I am.  I'm ready for the sunshine and vitamin D to absorb right through me body and soul :D

I've been working on my newest music video, "Calling For You" and getting ready to release it and share it with the world.  This is one of my favorite songs on the album!  It's a love song and I hope that it will touch you, couples and everyone in between.  In life we are always searching for things we want and desire.  Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.  It's a part of the ride.  This song describes a victory in the name of love.  I hope that you will enjoy this song and share with someone you think may enjoy it.  

I shot the video in a very old art deco building where I sang into the camera and expressed my internal joy.  The video was shot and directed by me & my friend Ian Foster.  Very low budget!  Almost no budget at all (Ian did me a solid)!  It's amazing the things you can do in this technological era with good friends, $0 and a little creativity.  

Look out for this new video which is a single from the new album, "Revelations" available now!  

Thank you for checking in, I love and appreciate you and have lots in store for you!

With Love,


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