Hello Friends,

How are you??

I hope that you are well! So much going on in the world.  We are all trying to keep up with the times.  So much transformation in the world.  Some

good, some bad.  Still we must keep our head up high, be true to ourselves and make a way.  As an indie artist, I appreciate your support so much.  You keep me

pushing to create and continue to study my craft.  I choose this path because I am keeping true to my spirit and the calling I feel upon me.  I continue to strive for

truth and freedom as I live and experience my moments in life.  I feel a connection with my audience and those that I touch with my music.  I am grateful for this

outlet and happy to announce the completion of my 3rd project. In 2006 I released, World Gone Crazy, and in 2009 I released "Illusions".  I went back into the

studio 2013 to record this album and am just now having it completed.  Time past by and so much has happened in between. This music

is old to me but some of it will be new for you.  There are a few singles I have released from the project still there are a handful of new ones too!

Make sure you sign the mailing list to hear about new videos, concerts and merchandise that I am continually working on!

I am working hard to organize my label so that I can distribute and create content more for all of my fans. If anyone is interested in an interning opportunity, or

knows someone, that would be awesome.  Please contact me so that we can talk about it.



Love is the power!  Stay rooted in it and we are all going to be alright!


Peace & Love,

Sandra Small