Review from Soul Tracks! First Listen: Sandra Small takes us through the Ebb and Flow

Peace, love and light!!


How are you? What's new in your world?  Any recent new happenings? 

I'm hanging in as I navigate the new world and really focus on making great music, content, services and products that will inspire, uplift and bring some form of power to my fellow brothers and sisters of the world.

Most recently I have released a new song entitled, "Ebb and Flow" that has been getting great reviews.  Big thanks to Soul Tracks for acknowledging the single and giving it a write up on their first listen section on their blog.

Click here to read latest review on the new single, "Ebb and Flow".


Also, I have just finished rapping up (4) new songs that I collaborated with    Wavemagnetik.  It will be a part of the Virtual Vibes II package that we will be offering in the coming weeks and I hope that you will consider supporting this event.  Details coming soon.


Praying that you are well and taking this time to love yourself and do your best through this transition in the world.  Your spirit, soul, self and character is defined by what you do with what you know about reality and self/consciousness, your behavior reflecting who you are.  Character, behavior, actions, deeds, determines our quality of life.  Keep reaching for the stars and continue to help assist our family, friends and community.  We need each other.  Thank you for your love and support.





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