Ebb and Flow is What We Need To Grow

Life can take so much effort and struggle to achieve the goals and visions we want to manifest. When you think you are almost where you want to be, another hurdle and challenge presents itself and you have to work around it. Only by going through the challenge will strength, growth and wisdom come. When we try to hide or run from an unwanted situation, eventually, it will come back around again until it's confronted.

"Ebb and Flow" is my newest single about facing adversity knowing the experience is there to bring wisdom and understanding to the journey. When the ebb is low and we experience a hardship or low point in the cycle of life; we generally are depleted of life force, energy, inspiration, encouragement, faith, hope and the list can go on. The Flow will come back around to fully immerse us in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity, and the journey will continue.

Here in 2020 we are facing the ebb of life. The ebbs are a bit of a wake-up call that something may need to change in life in order for it to properly flow again in the way that is in our best interests and in ways you may never have imagined for yourself. The ebb is trying to draw attention to something that needs to be examined more deeply. The best part about the ebb is that it is a period of transition between what was and what is to come. You get to decide what feels right and good to you and you have a choice in how you move forward with your life as a result. That is not to say that the decisions will always be easy. Some might be; but others may be difficult, but necessary.

Please share any stores of adversity that you overcame from the Ebb to the Flow of Life. And please be sure to CLICK HERE TO SMASH the reminder button so that we can watch the video together on August 11, 2020 @ 11am on YouTube and dialog afterwards. Thank you for supporting this platform.

"The Ebb and The Flow is What We Need To Grow" ~SS

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