"Calling for You" New Music Video Release June 1st!

Hey Dear Friends,


I am happy to announce that I have finally completed the latest video for the newest single, "Calling For You".  It's a classic love song and it was inspired by my fiance' Donald.  We have been engaged for (2) years now.  We are planning our wedding details, TBA.  

The dynamic of romance and relationships are many.  So many different variables of life to confront and deal with.  You learn a lot about yourself from your partner interacting in the daily activities of life.  Of course it goes both ways.  There is love and admiration, inspiration. Comfort and companionship which are very wonderful moments of any relationship . Also fears, disappointment and anger; emotions that spring up from being different. Sticking through the rough times, communicating and working it all out is a big part of the journey. However, I wanted to give a bit of fantasy to the feeling of love in this song.  Painting a picture of pure bliss !  If you're going to take the leap and commit to being in a commitment with another person, it should be that!  It's a blessing and you must work together to create a beautiful world for yourself first, wife/husband, family, friends, community and so forth.

Please click the link hear to set a reminder for you to watch the premiere this Saturday June 1, 2019:


It will premiere live with me present so we can chat live!

Hope to see you there.