Virtual Vibes II - Sandra Small collabs with Wave Magnetik Sept 25th, 2020!

Peace Love and Light!


Virtual Vibes II was my latest project and collaboration with Wave Magnetik on September 25, 2020.  We got together and composed Virtual Vibes EP

a brand new (4) song EP that will be released on Spotify October 13, 2020.  For those who purchased the Virtual Vibes II package, included was the 

4 song EP, a custom All I Need Is Music T-Shirt, the Live Stream of the concert and a downloadable link.  It was another success and I really want to

thank everyone who was present at the event.  


Independent artist in 2020 had to learn to create opportunities to engage and be innovative with their audience.  That is exactly what I did with the 

Virtual Vibe collaborations with Wave Magnetik.  I thought it would be a good time to try something different like a virtual concert being that all music

venues cannot have ticketed events and many venues are not having any live music at all.  That leaves us musicians in a rock between a hard place. 

It hasn't been easy to create an income with all of the music venues being closed and almost all of the events being cancelled due to the epidemic of COVID -19.

Therefore, coming together with Wave Magnetik was a no brainer.  


It was a fun process.  Very different because I do not usually create EDM music however, that's what collaborations are all about. Doing something a little

different.  The themes I wrote about the Love and the power thereof, the story of my first love, worthy friendships and an uplifting jam about sign of the times and

the light coming to the rescue.  It's worth a listen so please check it out on or after October 13, 2020 and tell me what you think.


I pray that you are staying creative and following your intuition every step of the way.  Always grateful for my loved ones, where I am and all that God has blessed

me with. 


Always and 4ever,


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