Virtual Vibes I takes off this Friday July 3, 2020!!

Peace, Love and Light,


How are you doing? What's new? How has this new world changed your life?  For me, it's made me work even harder for the things I want and believe in!  It's given me a new courage, heart and vision.  It brought to life everything I was questioning in my music and has us all facing the unknown reality of what tomorrow will look like. One thing that I know for certain, is that we are the Revolution and like Ghandi said, "We must be the change we want to see in the world".  Big thanks to my brothers and sisters of the world who went out and protested to fight for what is right.  To fight for change and to let their voices, pain and distress be heard for all to hear and feel.  The racism, the modern day slavery & lynching and condescending nature of our current system needs reform and I'm learning more of my history so that I can understand how to move forward in solidarity with my brothers and sisters of the world.

FYI, I've been a working musician/ artist making a living with music for the past 5 years and suddenly it came to a quick halt.  Thank the good Lord and the angels who watch over us, guide and protect, I've been able to continue making a living through your support and virtual concerts and content I've been creating. I've been working on learning more ways to connect virtually until we understand the beast that is COVID-19 threatening our livelihood and health.   I am continually working on creating opportunities to bring you offers that you may like and want to support.  My first and latest endeavor is below.  Please clink the link if you think you may be interested in supporting the show.  There are also some cool goodies that come with that.

Click Here for Virtual Vibes I Package Offer


Please drop a line and share your experience.  It's important to share and communicate with each other so we can assist and support one another during these demanding times.


Thanks for stopping by reading and sharing! Looking forward to engaging with you a lot more often!